Our retreat features a hands-on tour through the Savannah foodie scene. We will tour, taste, and talk all things local food, and will work with the Chefs to create our dinners.

Each excursion will take us to a location where we will source ingredients for that night's dinner. Those who want to, can work with the Chefs to learn the ins and outs of buying local, sourcing seasonally, and learning to cook with these foods. (You of course don't have to cook with the Chef, for those that don't wish to participate) 

We couldn't go to Georgia without pickin' some peaches! And of course, pecans, shrimp, and other local favorites! The retreat sits right in the middle of shrimp and peach season, and we will be exploring the people and places in Savannah that are producing these foods, and making them tasty!

Check out the menu tab to meet our Chefs and to see what they have in store for you that weekend!

June 22nd - 25th 2017 | CHEW Retreat