Savannah has more than just great people, historic buildings and amazing scenery. During this retreat we will take you on several day trips and excursions with the locals exploring the local foods.


Ogeechee Peaches
Located just outside of Savannah, Ogeechee Peach farm is a 1500-acre tree farm growing 13 varieties of peaches, as well as nectarines, muscadines,  blackberries, watermelons and seasonal veggies. We will pick several crops for Friday night's dinner, and enjoy a glass of sweet peach tea on the porch of the 100-year old family home.

Reeves & Reeves

Located in Savannah, Reeves & Reeves is one of only two peach farms close to the coast. His small operation is literally farm-to-table, as he picks and takes directly to the farmers market and other road-side stands. He doesn't use the same cooling and preserving techniques that larger farms use, but the flavors of his fruit are un-matched! We will pick peaches, watermelon and corn!


Lunch on Saturday will be picnic style in Forsyth Park, from the historic Back In The Day Bakery. Known for their homemade breads, guests will choose from sandwiches, salads and biscuits.

Starland cafe

Located in the historic district, the Starland Café sits inside a converted Victorian house. Guests will choose from soups, salads, and panini's.

Russos Fish MARKET

Since 1946 Russo's Fish Market has been family owned and operated, sourcing and selling locally (and wild) caught shrimp, fish and more. The Russo family will walk you through the process of shrimpin', cleanin' and eatin' the good stuff - and you will get to pick your own shrimp for our low country boil.

Credle's adventures

It wouldn't be real if we didn't take you shrimpin' - The shrimp captains at Credle's will take us on a guided shrimp tour teaching us the ins and outs of trolling for shrimp. We will make a minimum of three trolls, and a marine biologist will be on board with us to tell all about what we find! (Guests can touch and hold as many sea creatures as they are comfortable with!)


A farm-to-table restaurant in Savannah, Cha Bella, sources all their ingredients from local farms, fisherman and other producers - all within a days drive from their shop.

Smith Brother's Butcher Shop

Since 1924 Smith Brother's has been sourcing Georgia's best cuts of local meat. They also have a carefully curated wine and cheese shop, right in the heart of historic Savannah.

Forsythe Farmers Market

Housed in the historic Forsyth Park, this farmers market opens every Saturday and includes over 50 farms, makers and producers from Savannah and surrounding cities. You will explore the farmers market with Chef, and help pick ingredients for the low country boil. Chef will talk through why it's important to source local, using seasonal ingredients, and how to find the 'right' foods.

goose Feathers Cafe

Goose Feathers Café has been the go-to for house-made pastries and breakfast items since 1986. This European style café and bakery is where we are getting all of our breads and pastries for the weekend.

The Collins Quarters

The Collins Quarter, a casual café in Savannah, who takes farm-to-table very seriously. Their culinary team will work with our guests to source local ingredients - and then walk us through the preparation process for a yummy meal on Saturday night!